Pre-Orders Policy

What's a Pre-Order?

Pre-Order means that the product is not currently in stock and you are purchasing it before it's released.


Why Pre-Order?

The benefit of pre-ordering is that you will be securing your desired size before the product is even stocked or sold out. As demand can be very high on certain items and may solely sell out via pre-orders only, way before stock physically arrives to our office, in which then is normally processed to our online store. 


Shipping Pre-Orders 

Shipping of pre-orders can range from 1 to 3 weeks.

As the product is not in stock, we can not give an exact date to when your item will arrive. Reason being is, that pre-orders are done before the official release date of the product. Then upon release, the products will be sent to our office for verification and authentication, once completed. Your pre-order will then be full-filled and shipped with tracking and signature release. 

We can only give an estimate on shipment, as we don't know how long it will take for the product to arrive to us, and then how long it will take for it to arrive to you. However, we vouch to always keep you updated on the status of your pre-order and get it in your hands as soon as possible!


Order Fulfilment

Standard procedure:

If you place an order with a pre-order product and a non-pre-order product, we wont ship out your items until the pre-ordered product arrives to our office. This will allow us to completely fulfil your order, under one shipment, so all items (pre-ordered and non-pre-ordered) arrive to you at once.

Upon request:

However, if you are in need for the non-pre-ordered product to quickly arrive to you. We are willing to partially fulfil and ship out your non-pre-ordered product first, and then ship out the pre-ordered product once in hand. However shipping fees may apply for a second shipment.

Feel free to contact us or via instagram @clouds_au


Pre-Order Prices

Each product is manufactured in limited quantities, with smaller and bigger sizes being less produced than your average sizes, being the most produced. This difference in production, influences the market value of each size due to their availability in numbers produced. Therefore generally, these smaller and bigger sizes are more expensive than your average size in the resell market, as they are harder to get.

However here at CLOUDS, for pre-orders only, we will keep all the prices the same regardless of their size. In hopes you can have purchase your size, at the same price as the average size, despite of their availability! 

You are also welcomed to use any of our payment methods for pre-orders too.


Cancellations / Refunds

Unfortunately all sales are final; cancellations, refunds or exchanges cannot be done! 

However, if for any given reason we are not able to secure your pre-order then we will reach out to you and refund you immediately!

For more information please see our Returns Policy here.