CLOUDS is Australian owned, built upon the idea of two core principles, customer satisfaction and product authenticity. With these principles in mind, we have made it our mission to provide to the community, making 'hard to get' pieces in the streetwear culture accessible, in hopes to unite everyone from all ages with a common passion. 

In doing so, we endeavour to build a personal connection with each customer to gain their trust and respect, as they build their wardrobe with us. While you shop with us, we want to ensure you feel secured and informed, on the status of your purchase as it moves from our hands to yours.

We understand how much it sucks to be eager to receive a product just to find out, it's fake and then go through a hassle to try get a refund. Here at CLOUDS we've done all the hard work for you, to keep you safe from scammers. As all our items are carefully verified by our team, so you can receive a product that is 100% authentic. 

Established July 3rd, 2020.